K9 Dog Training in Malaysia

Theoritical Lessons


  • History of the species canine
  • Chronological history of dogs in police service
  • Canine behavior
  • How the dogs learn
  • Training objectives and techniques
  • Theory and techniques to enhance agitator/helper skills
  • Instruction in types and proper utilization of training equipment
  • Health care and feeding the dogs
  • Current case law and legal parameters involved in the use of a police service dog
  • Preparation for court appearances
  • Preparing and maintaining training records

Practical Lession


  • Safety during training
  • Understanding the police service dog’s abilities
  • Understanding the police service dogs learning process
  • “Guard & Bark” training done properly
  • Enhance alerts
  • Develop confrontational behavior
  • Accelerate transitional training
  • Reading, understanding, and proper reaction to dog alerts
  • Evidence search
  • Area search
  • Directed search
  • Building search
  • Proper use of all training equipment
  • Proper handling of surveillance, searches, arrests and transporting of suspects
  • Working with other police officers
  • Understanding the handler’s responsibility to ensure all deployments are done within your agency’s policy and procedures manual
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